The English Camp

English Camp is a unique and enriching camp. It is a linguistic immersion experience in which students can learn, improve and enjoy English as the main protagonist. English Camp will have a large group of volunteers from the US, native speakers, teachers, students, athletes, musicians, artists, singers, and monitors with specific qualifications in the language that guarantee the quality of communications and activities.

English Camp is a playful and educational option whose main objective is direct contact with the language, with interaction in multiple group dynamics, sports, rallies, recreation with purpose, activities, songs, etc. creating a favorable scenario to enjoy new friends, new experiences and unlimited fun. English Camp is a strategy to “learn English in a totally different way“, where fun and learning go hand in hand.

The volunteers we are looking for must be fluent English speakers. That is the only requirement to qualify as a volunteer.

The English Camp is a Missionary Project in Latin America where the translation is not needed. Everything is full English.

Our Camps in 2019

Here are our camps for Elementary and Junior High schoolers in 2019. We developed the whole program at a camp facility. In 2022 will be developed at Schools Facilities.

Elementary English Camp

Junior High English Camp

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