To experience this great missionary project, you need to cover your airfare and any other personal need during your trip to Panama.


The Minister of Education will oversee the feeding costs, you don´t need to worry about your meals during the days of the English Camp; they are going to be covered! If you have plans to stay more days in Panama after the camp, the feeding costs will go for your own.


The 6 nights (Sunday to Friday) of the English Camp will be paid for by the Minister of Education in local hotels in the city you are going to be working. If you are planning to stay extra days, be ready to pay for it. We can help you to find good deals!


Trips from the hotel to the camp location, round trip, during the days of the English Camp are going to be provided. We also offer pick-up and drop-off services at the airport for free during your days of arrival and departure. If you want to have a car for your personal use or for your own group, we can help you to rent it.


We are working to collect all the supplies we need for the track activities we have already planned during the camp. If you have the opportunity or want to bring the materials you will need to develop the activities you want to do, that will be a great help!!


Panama is a beautiful country! You will fall in love with it! There are different options for tourism that you can check here, there you will find all the information about locations. We can help you to find good deals!

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